Our orphanage in Tengeru, Arusha

What was built in 1999 as a dormitory for Maasai children to provide schooling in the distant city is now an orphanage due to the high demand.

Tanzanian children who have no parents or no safe home live here.

These decisions are made in cooperation with the government and family circumstances are regularly reviewed.
There are currently 26 girls aged between two and 14 living in "Little Africa" (as of 11.23) and have a home on the large premises in Tengeru (Arusha). Many of them come from difficult family backgrounds. Some girls have fled forced and child marriages and find a safe home in the orphanage. The children in Little Africa are looked after by Tanzanian staff and go to school in the city.

What happens after graduation?

What happens to our students after they finish secondary school? We have been asking ourselves this question for a long time. As the labour market in Tanzania is very difficult, we try to support both male and female students after they finish school. 

This includes financial support for the period of study at colleges and universities as well as the Vocational Training Centre (VTC), which was founded in 2022.

In the meantime, 200 young adults are receiving further education. As the sponsorships do not cover these costs, there are separate funds for this.

Naserian Vocational Training Centre (VTC)

The Naserian Vocational School is located on the same site as our orphanage "Little Africa" in Arusha. Like all schools in Tanzania, the vocational school is also a boarding school and here we offer the young men and women the three-year "Food Production" course. The aim is that the trainees can either be employed (tourism sector, hospitals, schools) or become self-employed. Further expansion of the vocational school is planned.
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